This girl’s before-and-after acne selfies are going viral for an important reason

It’s kind of strange that we almost never see people with pimples — let alone acne — in the media; especially when the vast majority of us deal with zits and breakouts on a regular basis. This lack of representation is why Kali Kushner’s before-and-after acne selfies have gone viral on Instagram.

According to Cosmopolitan, the 22-year-old’s posts about taking Accutane have a dedicated following. Kushner thinks it’s because the stigma of acne is so strong that people find it refreshing to see someone being so open about their struggle with skincare.

Kushner told the outlet, “Acne is so hush-hush and shamed in society, and having clear skin is the epitome of beauty, so if you dare have a zit or a breakout — and if you dare to take a picture of it —it’s almost like something’s wrong with you, which is so false.”

So. Much. Yes.

Kushner added, “I just took Accutane and a bunch of selfies, but now I realize that the reason people are so dedicated to following my story is because nobody actually posts stuff like this.”

Here are some more shots from her Insta feed.

In addition to posting these pics, Kushner also writes lengthy posts in the captions about what products she’s using, what works, why she likes certain treatments, and also just general musings about being a self-confident woman.

In a recent post she wrote, “I repeat for the uberth time: your skin does not define you. Stop using it as an excuse. Stop wishing and wanting. Start doing. Only you have the power to make that change. You control your own happiness, life is what u make itttt.” For some of us, that can be a hard thing to remember, so if you need a daily reminder, you should probably follow Kushner on the ‘Gram to get your dose of goodness.

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