This girl totally had a sitcom moment when she met the Queen of England

Sometimes life is so ridiculously awkward it’s hard not to imagine there’s a room full of sitcom writers somewhere crafting all of life’s mishaps for an invisible audience’s enjoyment.

Case in point, take Maisie Gregory, a 6-year old girl who recently met the Queen of England in the Welsh capital of Cardiff. Maisie was all set to crush it, she was dressed in a traditional Welsh costume and her look was ON POINT, she had the sweetest little gift to present to the Queen (A bouquet of posies! Do flowers even GET sweeter than that?), girl was basically ready to have an A+ day.

Everything was going great until, as the Daily Mail reports, a soldier, saluting the Queen, smacked little Maisie in the head and sent her adorbs hat flying backwards. The soldier, oblivious, remained saluting while Maisie wandered back to a woman who we’re going to guess is her mom (or a mom-like figure in her life), who got Maisie’s hat back on right away.

The good news is Maisie is TOTALLY fine, the smack startled her, for sure, but we don’t have to worry about any lasting smack-related injuries, except, of course, the blow to Maisie’s pride. Chin up, Maisie, Lucy and Ethel had to deal with these kind of indignities, like, every episode and those ladies were THE GREATEST. You handled this weird shock like a champ, and we know this experience is going to build all kinds of character. Plus, the Queen didn’t even see the awkward moment occur, your three seconds with her went great, let’s definitely be thankful there.

All right, you want a video? We got a video, check it out:

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