This girl adorably asked out her crush using a journal she started when they first met

We can officially add “impressing your crush” to the list of reasons you should keep a journal (I mean, no, it’s not the most important reason, but it certainly doesn’t hurt). Feel free to go the less ambitious route by simply sliding into the DMs of your prospective boo thang, or you could totally step your game up by taking a cue from Taylor Blake, who used her old journal entries to ask out her crush. Seriously, this story is almost too cute to deal with.

After meeting Josie Paine on an app, Blake immediately began documenting how she felt after each interaction with her new acquaintance. Instead of soliciting feedback from family and friends, Blake came up with the totally unique idea of using her written words as a love compass of sorts.

“Writing has always been a passion of mine, so I decided I would let my writing tell me whether or not she was the person I should be with,” Blake told BuzzFeed News.

After a series of dates, Blake had enough proof that it was time she made her move by asking Paine to read the journal. “She is walking poetry,” Blake wrote in an entry from July 10. Well, if that’s not enough to let you know you’ve found the one, we’re not sure what is.

Thankfully, Blake’s decision to use creativity and romance to make things official between her and Paine paid off handsomely. She shared the swoon-worthy moment on Twitter with the hopes of inspiring others to “go the extra mile for the people who bring them the most joy.” The couple now share journal entries to stay connected when they’re apart.

We have to say we’re totally digging this romantic, old-school approach to courting. Congrats to the evidently super happy couple!

Yes, it totally is too dreamy.

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