This GIF of Jon Snow’s rubber sword on “Game of Thrones” will ruin you for life


Last week’s Battle of the Bastards was arguably one of the best episodes of Thrones so far (though, I dunno, The Door…). And we know how much time and money HBO spent on making this epic dream come to life what with all the horses, real stunts, and all-around mayhem. But, because this is still very much Hollywood, illusions must be broken once in a while.

And because the internet is THIRSTY for anything Thrones related, we now know JON SNOW’S SWORD IS FAKE AF. Well, at least his stunt, running sword.

Imgur user voicesinmyhead keenly pointed out this flaw and made a very sad GIF.The strongest metal in the Seven Kingdoms.


We couldn’t believe it ourselves, so we double-checked the episode and YEAH Longclaw definitely bounces like me at six-o-clock on a Friday. And, in case you’re wondering, that GIF isn’t slowed down for dramatic purposes or anything. That is very much how it appeared in the episode UNBEKNOWNST TO US ALL.

In fact, you can even see that ~super sturdy~ Valyrian steel bend pretty far when Jon runs back to his horse in the shot just before, too.


Jeor Mormont, we need to have a talk.


WE KID, WE KID. A rubber stunt sword makes total sense. It would be a lot harder (and probably dangerous) for Kit Harington to run around with a REAL sword at his side – and goodness knows we wouldn’t want to damage Kit in any way shape or form.

Besides, we got plenty of other OH-SO-GOOD moments with the REAL Longclaw, so all is good…


…until the next eagle-eyed Thrones fan comes along.

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