This geometric lip art is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and we dig it so much

We heart all things makeup, but one of our favorite recent trends is the rise of lip art. If you need some beautiful lip art inspiration, get ready to be blown away by this geometric lip art. It’s so amazing! Created by Andrea Reed, aka @girlgreybeauty, a super Insta famous makeup artist, this is just the kind of risk-taking makeup looks we wanna see more of.

See, we absolutely love this color…

…and we love this one, too. But together…

…like, WHOA. How trippy is this?! We absolutely love the idea of this unique, geometric lip art.

Of course, our main concern is how in the world we’d eat without smudging those colors into a mess, but we imagine this level of artistry isn’t created for eating. We’d feel like we’d belong in a museum with this level of talent happening on our faces. It’s so pretty!

If you wanna copy it, Andrea explains,

"Trifecta | Using @smashboxcanada Always On Liquid Lipsticks in the shades 🔺'Thrill Seeker', 🍇'Some Nerve' and ▪️'Chill Zone'. #smashboxsquad"

We’re definitely taking notes!

If you’re into lip art, Andrea’s account is basically a gold mine for ideas! Like this glittering olive lippie.

Or these super festive winter berries.

All the heart eyes for this talented artist!