This genius ate at every restaurant that gave out free food on his birthday

One of the best parts of your birthday coming around every year is the free stuff. One brilliant man decided to take it upon himself to eat as much free food as he possibly could on his birthday. 

YouTuber Kent Yoshimura documented his full-day free-food marathon on video, and it was completely and totally epic.

Considering there are more than 80 different establishments offering free fare on your birthday, there are plenty of options to choose from.

First, he headed to Denny’s, where he received a free Grand Slam Breakfast. Later, it was on to Red Robin for a burger on the house. Then, for good measure, a trip to Starbucks for a gratis Latte.

Johnny Rocket’s provided a second free burger, and Cafe Dulce another coffee. Pinkberry had free yogurt for the birthday boy, Hooters had free wings, and Krispy Kreme had a free donut.

That’s a LOT of food, and Yoshimura reports in the video that he’d collected more than $100 in free eats by the end of the night.

Our birthday only comes around once a year, so it seems silly not to take advantage of the world’s many eat-for-free deals. Many thanks to this dude for showing us the way.

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