This “Game of Thrones” error is going viral — but it’s not true

For the last few days, Game of Thrones fans have been calling out HBO for this glaring mistake: Littlefinger is wearing a watch under his cloak — and as we all know, watches didn’t exist in ye olde era in which Game of Thrones is set. false

The episode in question is “Book of Stranger,” and it’s when Lord Baelish comes to visit Robin Arryn, gifts him with a falcon, and mind-controls him (which isn’t very hard, TBH, Robin is more impressionable than King Tommen) to give out orders to avenge Sansa by rounding up their army. false

And while people have been quick to point on the error, Uproxx has stepped in to point out that Littlefinger is actually NOT wearing a watch, and that the image that has been doctored is from a promotional still via HBO.


We wanted to see for ourselves, so we rewatched the episode.

Here’s a shot that shows SOMETHING protruding from his sleeve. Definitely not a watch though.


Here’s another shot. Seems just be his yellow tunic sticking out and definitely NOT a piece of year 1770+ technology.


This reminds us of that one time everyone was convinced Jaime Lannister was holding a paper coffee cup — something we’re assuming was not available back then either.


Turns out this scene, according to Zap2it, is from a behind-the-scenes HBO clip. Not a clip from the actual show. WOMP, WOMP.

So, that settles it then. Littlefinger is definitely not wearing a watch. And Jaime most definitely was not enjoying some coffee while doing important King’s Hand things at King’s Landing. NICE TRY THOUGH, SLEUTHS!