This funny video of a dog and cat interrupting a soccer match is a must-watch

We have so many questions after watching this video. This past Saturday, two of Mexico’s top soccer teams were playing against each other. What started as an ordinary game turned a bit peculiar when a dog and cat interrupted the soccer match at different times.

We can kind of understand — dogs like playing with toys, and technically, a soccer ball is pretty much a toy to some. And cats don’t like to be outshone. (At least, that’s the theory we’re coming up with. Otherwise, we simply have no clue what went down here.)

Watch the match below, and simply try not to laugh out loud. The dog makes an appearance around the 1-minute mark, and the cat shows up around 3:50.

The cat is the biggest mystery — we can see a fan bringing their dog, or a neighborhood dog, to the game — but a cat?

"Un gato!" the announcer happily exclaims, after the camera focuses in on the sports-loving feline.

Both announcers definitely get a laugh, and seemingly understand how ridiculous it all is — what’s next, a bird?

While we never like it when something is interrupted, these two totally get a pass. Perhaps incidents like this served as the true inspiration to Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl (and Kitten Halftime Show) during Superbowl Sunday.

As an added bonus to the video, it was reported that the dog was actually a stray — until the exposure got the pup adopted.

Speaking as total bystanders to the action, we wouldn’t mind if the dog and cat paired up and served as unofficial mascots every week!

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