This funny pep talk from Tracy Morgan is exactly what we needed this morning

It’s a cold Tuesday morning. And while it’s Valentine’s Day, we’re feeling the need to dive into those chocolates now, to help us stay awake and motivated. That’s why we’re so happy to find this pep talk video from Tracy Morgan that Vanity Fair recently uploaded. If anyone can get us out of a funk, it’s Tracy Morgan.

We love Morgan for so many reasons. Of course, we’ll never get over his “we’re not sure how fictional this truly is” persona of Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock, and some of his Saturday Night Live characters still get quoted on a pretty regular basis.

We also adore the fact that he bounced back and stayed positive after his pretty horrific car accident from a few years back.

If Tracy Morgan can strive to stay positive and move forward, we all can.

This pep talk might be improvised, but surely he means every word.

Morgan makes a few excellent points. For one, it’s always good to remember that “yesterday is yesterday.” Today is a brand new day — so we need to make the most of it.

He also pinpoints that we’ve got to stay active.

"You've got to take the bull by the horns, young people. Y'all the next generation," Morgan notes. "Do your thing!"

But all in all, we love how detailed Morgan gets about actually getting out the door. It’s like he knows how tough of a process that can be. And of course, he ends it all in a fun note, with a reminder that we need to hug someone and continue to make friends.

While all of his lines are pretty spot on, one definitely rings true:

"Only thing you can control is you,"Morgan notes.

He makes a good point. Watching this video right in the morning is guaranteed to start your day on a more positive note.

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