This “Friends” fan sent out 100 tweets about why Joey and Rachel should have ended up together

Sometimes it’s hard to get over a television show that didn’t end the way we wanted. One Friends fan thought Rachel and Joey should have dated at the very end, and it’s eerily reminding us of the “Dawson and Joey” versus “Joey and Pacey” debate. Not only did she make her thoughts known on Twitter, but she started a thread about the topic that ended up being around 100 tweets long. Talk about dedication.

For those who may be rusty on the very last episode, it was apparent that Rachel and Ross were no longer “on a break” after Rachel uttered the phrase “I got off the plane.”

But Claire Willett, who used her @kaneandgriffin account on Twitter, feels as if Ross was “one of television’s all-time worst human men.”


And not only that, but she called out the fact that with Ross, it was never about friendship. But Joey let the relationship really build after meeting her. false

And, she also noted how Ross was pretty inappropriate when Rachel was in other relationships — a fact that we kind of glossed over during the first time we watched. false

Joey also seemed to look out for Rachel’s best interests throughout the series. false

Willett also noted how Joey seemed to understand why Rachel’s career was so important. Looking back, we can remember a few instances where Ross blew it off (or, just focused on Rachel not being around New York anymore.) false false

Followers quickly joined the conversation and even added a few solid points. Like, why wasn’t Gunther from Central Perk ever considered?

Now, that was a dude who appreciated Rachel.

Others noted that throughout the Ross and Rachel relationship, she wasn’t necessarily an angel. false

But even so, out of the core group of friends, Joey and Rachel definitely had a chemistry built on a strong friendship and appreciation for each other. Keep in mind, his feelings started while Rachel was pregnant with Ross’s baby.

While nobody can go back in time and change the finale, it’s good to know that this show made such a difference in pop culture that people are still talking about it.

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