This foster parent created a bucket list for her elderly dachshund, and we’re losing it

Need a good, happy cry? Then you might want to meet Morgan. Morgan is a senior dachshund living with Senior Paws, a rescue that specializes in the care of elder pups. The sanctuary often takes elderly dogs from shelters, so that they won’t have to live their final days in a cramped condition.

Last year, at the age of 18, Morgan joined the team. His previous owner had passed away, and Morgan was left terrified and lonely. But to make his life sweeter, his foster household — who included animal lover Kate Reidy — decided to create a bucket list for him.

These days, Morgan’s been on so many fun adventures. He’ll be celebrating his birthday on March 25th, which is the day he was taken in by Senior Paws. He’ll be 19, which is a huge milestone.

Created on April 4th, you can already see how many items Morgan has been able to check off of his bucket list.

Even better, Reidy keeps getting more and more ideas from his fans and supporters. For example, just a few days ago, he was able to ride in, and take pictures inside, a crane for the first time. Lucky dog.

He looks overjoyed. (And we’re sure a lot of his puppy friends are a bit envious of his adventures.)

In fact, in an interview that The Dodo conducted with Reidy, it was revealed that Morgan has been more lively than ever these days. So, it’s quite possible that the bucket list has just extended his life even more.

"He has gotten more active, livelier and his personality has grown in the past year of fostering him," she said. "Most people don't believe his age!"

Reidy has been busy collecting cards for Morgan’s big 19th birthday. She’s hoping that Morgan’s big supporters will donate a dollar for his big day, which will go straight to his friends over at Senior Paws. According to Reidy, that’s a big bucket list task that she’s hoping to cross off.

In general, the list still has a long way to go.

Some of our favorites on there include “Discuss current events with Anderson Cooper” and “Hot air balloon ride” — and we really hope he’ll get to achieve both of those!

We want to wish a very happy upcoming birthday to Morgan. He’s such an incredible role model for elder pets worldwide.

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