This cat foster mom has 6 kittens and it’s the stuff of our cat-loving dreams

Our world can sometimes feel like it’s full of doom and gloom, but there’s one bright light in the middle of it all: KITTENS. Right now we’re feeling all the warmest and fuzziest feelings because this foster mom has *six* kittens, and we can hardly deal with this level of cute. All we want to know is how can we foster cats of our own, and how we can be the best cat foster parents ever!!

Honestly, TG for the cute and sweet cats of Instagram for helping us smile even when we’re feeling pretty down about the state of our world. Cats are magic, and we’re so grateful for them!

Like, how adorable are these kittens? This is seriously something out of a cat foster mom dream.

Oh, our hearts. We can hardly take this level of cute! Talk about a cuteness explosion!

We have ALL the heart eyes right now. Our inner cat mom is bursting to get six kitties of her own!

Those sweet little faces really just get us right in the heart. We have all the warm and fuzziest!

BRB, time to become a cat foster parent so we can be surrounded by love forevermore!