This former ‘X-Factor’ star was terribly body-shamed by a newspaper but she was not here for it

Can we just not talk crap about people’s boobs (or any other parts of their anatomy)? Thanks to the aggravating experience that is bra shopping and the sobering reality that breasts aren’t gravity-resistant, the life of the bold and breast-ful is already difficult enough without heartless bystanders ridiculing others for how their breasts look.


The latest individual to invite body shamers to sit down and STFU is British singer Stacey Solomon, who called out The Sun for insulting her breasts in a side-by-side comparison photo with her fellow X Factor contestant Louisa Johnson.

In response to the newspaper referring to her breasts as “sinking,” 26-year-old Solomon shared the post on Instagram with a response to set her critics straight. “I LOVE MY BODY@TheSun,” she wrote. “My boobs are a result of being pregnant & breast feeding & I love them. I Am just as sexy!”

In an interview with Today Parent, Solomon revealed the admirable reason behind her passionate response.

“Louisa is absolutely beautiful in her own right, and nowhere should two women be compared to one another in order to distinguish the ‘better woman,” Solomon added. “We are all perfect in our own ways.”

We couldn’t agree more with Solomon’s words, which will undoubtedly go a long way in helping other women realize that there’s absolutely nothing shameful about boldly embracing and appreciating their unique bodies.

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