This food blogger just got *so* real about what it means to love yourself

We’re always 100% about confidence, empowerment, and self love, but, unfortunately, self love is easier said than done! While we do our very best to love ourselves and be good to our bodies and our minds (we WANT to love ourselves so badly!) it’s not always a breeze, which is why we fangirl so hard when we find *amazing* ladies who knew just what to say to encourage us to be better to ourselves. And body-positive food blogger Kathleen has dedicated her Instagram to doing just that!

When it comes to self love, she explains,

"I wouldn't trade anything in the world for the true understanding of my real self that I have gained over the past years as I have faced the challenges of self discovery. I tried so hard to fit with with the people around me, but because of the fact that I was pursuing other people's passions instead of my own, my heart was filled with longing instead of contentment."

She continued, saying,

"So yes, I would rather read a good book than go to a party. And yes, I am not ashamed of the fact that I enjoy learning. And yes, I would rather spend the day baking cookies than playing a sport."

At the end of the day, she’s empowered by her own uniqueness.

"It is because of the fact that I have accepted my individuality that I have been able to know the beauty of true self love."

Because there’s no reason to apologize for who you are!

"Everyday I know that I am unapologetically being myself and I know that no one could be a better me than me, and working towards that knowledge was the greatest gift I will ever be able to give myself."

Yes, yes, yes! We’re loving literally everything she had to say about self love, and making a mental note to give ourselves a little bit of love today. While it’s all too easy to compare ourselves and our bodies to our friends (and, of course, strangers on the internet!), we have to actively work to remind ourselves to be inspired, not jealous, and encouraged, not envious.

Shout out to this amazing lady for her openness and vulnerability. TG for gals like this for reminding us that self love is way too important to get pushed aside.

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