This fitness Instagrammer wrote an amazing post about why self care isn’t selfish, and we’re cheering her on

Here’s the thing: Contrary to popular belief, self care isn’t selfish. And this body positive fitness Instagrammer just wrote an amazingly vulnerable post about why self care is so, so important. Jess, better known as @plankingforpizza, is an incredible body positive Instagram blogger. TBH, we kinda see her as a role model. We just admire her so much! So when she opened up about the value and importance of self care practices, we decided to hear her out. And we’re so happy we did!

Jess opened up about how self care and self love have really changed her life. She wrote,

"I'm learning self love. I'm learning self value and respect isolated from the self hatred I placed upon myself because of what others thought and expected of me."

She explained,

"This journey has been all about self putting myself first. And it's not selfish, nor do I feel guilty. It's important. It's empowering. Learning my hearts intentions and my minds power and souls purpose. It has nothing to do with changing my body, but tapping into my fullest potential in the way that I want, not how others want it for me."

At the end of the day, Jess says, self care isn’t selfish. It’s *so* important!

"Becoming my own person, putting myself first, learning self care and love has been a lonely adventure at times, but it has also been so self awakening, beautiful and powerful at the same time. Chose self care. Chose self love. Chose to be you as you see you for YOU."

You go, lady! We’re so here for this important message.

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