This fitness Instagrammer posted an ode to her rolls, cellulite, and stretch marks, and we’re SO in love

We love, love, love when personal trainers get so real about bodies. And not just the pretty stuff, but the “flaws” too. We’re talking rolls, cellulite, stretch marks, the works. And so is this amazing trainer named Rebecca, who is doing all she can to break down the negative fitness culture surrounding bodies. The fitness Instagrammer recently opened up about her own body by sharing an amazing “before and after” shot, and we’re cheering so much.

"HEY SOCIETY. THIS IS ME SECONDS APART. Literally seconds. Neither picture is better than the other. They're both me. "

She continued,

"In the left picture I'm flexing, sucking in, twisting my body, and finding the absolute best lighting in the room. In the right picture I'm sitting, not sucking in, not twisting my body, not trying to transform myself for the picture and most importantly, not trying to meet society's standards."

She explained that her body is normal, saying,

"I have rolls. I have cellulite on my legs. I have stretch marks. And that's all normal. That's all okay. I'm freakin normal."


And she got super vulnerable, saying,

"You know what's not okay? Who I used to be. The girl who would strive for the impossible body image. The girl who starved herself to try to look like the girl in the magazine. The girl who took hundreds of photos and criticized herself in every damn one. The girl who cried herself to sleep at night because she was so hungry but wasn't "allowed" to eat. The girl who lost all of her energy and time to try the get the flat stomach and thigh gap. The girl who developed an eating disorder to try to fit society's standard of beauty."

And, in case you need some inspo, here you go:

"Go have that margarita. Skip a day of working out to go dancing at the club. Have a doughnut and a latte at 2 AM. Wear something outrageous. Post that selfie of you wearing something outrageous. Try something new. Stop obsessing over those belly rolls and cellulite. Everyone has them, not everyone shows it. Just live life without society's restraints because life is too short and you are a masterpiece."


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Need we say more? While there’s nothing wrong with having an undying love of fitness, we’re always critical of any culture that says there’s a “right” way to have a body. And that’s exactly why we LOVE what Rebecca is saying here. Our bodies are fine just the way they are, rolls, and cellulite, and stretch marks included. Not despite them. Because these aren’t flaws! They’re just a part of who we are.

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