These fish ice cream cones filled with soft serve are too cute to handle

Few things make us think of summer more than a cone heaped with silky-smooth soft serve. On hot days, this classic ice cream choice can make the heat wave just a little more bearable.

And with hot days come gorgeous Instagram posts of ice cream cones, right? While scrolling through Insta, something in particular caught our eye: an ice cream cone in the shape of a fish.

We’ve seen our fair share of creative ice cream cones but this one is almost too cute to handle. Just look at how much more adorable soft serve looks in these cones!

You might know these fish cones in a different form. As this Serious Eats article explains, Taiyaki is a Japanese pancake-like snack in the shape of a fish usually filled with red bean paste. In cone form, it holds soft serve and is basically the prettiest cone we’ve ever seen.

There are a few places you can snag your own fish cone (or puffer fish cone as some Insta users are calling them). For starters, Zero Degrees in Sydney has them — and people are super excited.

There’s also this eye-catching green matcha variation from a place called Bake in London.

Or if you’re in Japan, you can stop by Tanoshii Dezato for this adorable cone.

Definitely adding to this to our bucket list of foodie adventures.