The Afro-Latino Festival just announced its 2017 lineup, and you’re gonna want to check this out

Festival season is officially upon us, and with that comes a slew of festivals for everyone and anyone who happens to like music or art. Whether you’re into indie jams, R&B or rap, there’s probably a festival out there for you. And on July 7th and 8th, the Afro-Latino Festival will be returning to New York City for an epic festival that will feature discussion panels, art exhibitions, and musical performances, all revolving around African-Latino identities.

This year, attendees are in for an extra special treat, since the festival is focusing on some of the most prominent female Afro-Latina artists, activists and creators like artist/cultural critic Zahira Kelly, and musicians like Milly Quezada and Suzuka Poderosa. Beyond that, the Liberación Film Festival will also be showing, with documentaries from Haiti/ Dominican Republic, Honduras and Curacao.

And although the festival is in its fifth year, they’ve put together a Kickstarter to help their mission grow. According to the page, “The Afro-Latino Festival of New York ( main objective is to serve as a platform that represents African descendants from Latin America and the Caribbean by sharing art, music, food, and cultural education. We also serve as an open forum to all organizations & entreprenuers that work towards the visibility of Afro-Latinos in New York City and abroad.”

The festival aims to not only promote the work of these artists and activists, but also to provide information for those who may not necessarily know the impact or magnitude of the African presence in Latin America. The festivals goal is to help foster a space and conversations that allow children to learn about their heritage while also being proud of who they are.

Mark your calendars, and don’t forget to buy your tickets, because you will not want to miss this.