This fashion blogger posed with sample-sized clothes to show just how insanely tiny they are

Plus-size fashion blogger Liz Black, photographer Kristiina Wilson, and fashion publication You Do You, came together recently for a kick ass project entitled “What is Sample Size?” The project features Black wearing a few sample sizes from prominent designers, highlighting the fashion industry’s ridiculous standards for women.

Clearly, “sample size” is not representative of most women’s bodies. The project’s page explains thin models” still dominate the high fashion runways. The “sample size” body is still an industry standard, a far cry from 67% of US women who wear a size 14 or larger.”

Wilson told HelloGiggles what inspired the project, “[it] was a response to the exclusiveness of most of the fashion industry – in this instance towards the plus sized consumer. We at YDY like to show bodies of all types wearing clothes, but we’ve found it difficult to dress people of size because sample pieces simply don’t exist for anyone over a size 0-4.” She continued, “Our mission is to showcase people of all shapes, genders, abilities and ages, but it’s been very frustrating essentially being unable to put current fashion on anyone that isn’t model thin. So “Sample Size” was born, in collaboration with fashion blogger Liz Black. We hope that it will raise exposure in a fun and positive way to a real issue in the fashion industry.”

This is such an incredible and important project. So many girls strive to look like fashion models in magazines and we all know how unrealistic and harmful that could be. Thank you, Kristiina and Liz for highlighting such a critical yet rarely discussed issue.

Check out some of our favorite photos below and the rest of their website here.