This fashion blogger challenged Jessica Alba to a five minute makeup contest, and it is so fun to watch

Is there anything Jessica Alba can’t do? If she wasn’t already #goals for being a mom, founder, feminist since age 5, and all around BOSS, just wait until you see her totally nail this five-minute makeup challenge.

Blogger and vlogger Marianna Hewitt and Jessica Alba challenged themselves to a speedy makeup look using Honest Beauty. (This isn’t the first time the twosome have filmed a vid together, about a year ago Jess gave Marianna a full face of glam using her products and the results were pretty lit.)

***Be forewarned, this challenge has more suspense than Speed.

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Jess starts pretty confidently, reaching for Honest Beauty Face Primer while Marianna goes right into foundation. Saving her precious seconds for a setting spray instead? Hmmm.

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Okay, this is when we realize Jess is a G. We’ve never seen anyone buff like that, the girl’s going a mile a minute. While she spends more time rapidly buffing in foundation, Marianna moves into concealer.

As Marianna moves on to blush, Jessica continues to blend. JUST LET IT MELT INTO YOUR SKIN, JESSICA. THERE’S NO TIME!

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Now Jess is using a blush palette with her fingers while Marianna searches for just the right lip shade. Marianna has already mixed two lip colors while Jess is still. on. her. cheeks.

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It’s important to note that with a only about a minute left they both already look pretty awesome.

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Jess and Marianna spent their last few seconds using her brow products, highlighter, and setting spray.

Watch the full video below to see the result. These girls have SKILLS.

Jessica’s judged our makeup skills in the past and now it’s our turn — A+ obvi.

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