This family found a live scorpion inside a banana, and we’ll be having nightmares forever

Fruit is an important part of any diet, so we’re hoping this creepy story doesn’t deter you. Let’s just say you might want to be a little more careful before chowing down. A family found a scorpion in a banana that they purchased at a Costco in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and *gasp* — it was still alive.

The banana was purchased by Canadian weatherman Nathan Coleman’s wife. The scorpion was first spotted by their 11-year-old daughter, who — we think it’s safe to say — might be crossing bananas off of her favorite fruit list.

Coleman announced the finding during a video that hit The Weather Network’s YouTube channel.

In the video, he labeled the bananas as being Del Monte brand. On the company’s website, they label themselves as being the “the world’s third-largest marketer of bananas” and state that their bananas are produced on farms located in Costa Rica, the Philippines, and Guatemala.

"This could be dangerous," Coleman said in the video. "There's a scorpion in the bag of bananas. I'm going to give them a call to let them know there's a scorpion in the bananas."

Luckily, nobody attempted to eat the batch of bananas before the scorpion was found. Coleman said that his daughter saw something move in the bag while putting them away.

A few days after the report, Coleman went on Twitter to say that, unfortunately, the scorpion passed away while being studied at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

He even included a coin to illustrate how big the creepy crawly was.

So, long story short, you might want to keep an eye on your produce.