This entire Instagram is filled with small tattoos and we’ll take a dozen

We love all things tattoos. But we have a special place in our heart for small tattoos. We’re constantly seeking small tattoo ideas and inspiration, and the best celebrity tiny tattoos continue to inspire us on the daily. So when we came across this entire Instagram account dedicated to curating super small, tiny adorable tattoos, we just couldn’t stop scrolling.

What we love about small tattoos is how delicate and soft they look. Like, seriously, how beautiful are these?! We’ll take a dozen, thanks.

Too, the smaller the tattoo, the more you can fit on your body. It’s way easier for us to commit to a tiny tattoo than to get one giant one that takes over an entire limb! We’re just not that decisive, you guys.

Plus, little tattoos are great if you have a job that requires you to hide them (ugh) or if you simply like to keep your tattoos a little more secret.

Like, what better way to have a permanent bond with a friend or loved one than by getting super tiny matching friendship tattoos? It’s like an inside joke in the biggest way.

We have seriously all the heart eyes for these little tattoos!

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