This Dutch model looks so much like Gigi Hadid that you genuinely won’t be able to tell them apart

There’s only one Gigi Hadid in the world…or so we thought. Yup, this Dutch model is basically Gigi Hadid’s doppelgänger, and TBH it’s genuinely hard to tell them apart. Iza Ijzerman is a model who works in the Netherlands, and apparently her agency, MiLK, also noticed the striking resemblance to Hadid. When they introduced her to the world, they called her the “curvy Gigi Hadid,” which we definitely take issue with on many levels. Comparing women’s bodies is not the best approach, guys.

But hey, we can’t deny that there is a strong facial resemblance.

Ready to see what we’re talking about? Okay, this is Iza Ijzerman:

Now here’s Gigi Hadid:

The resemblance is uncanny!

AND they are both the same age (22). What are the chances? Minds blown.

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Let’s just double check and make sure we’re not seeing things.

Iza Ijzerman:

Gigi Hadid:


We could see these two ladies collaborating on a photo shoot together…or maybe even a movie? There’s definitely something here.

We look forward to tracking Ijzerman’s career and next moves, because she definitely has major “it” factor. They say everyone has a doppelgänger, but it sure is freaky when you stumble upon one as on point as this. There’s only one solution: Own it, ladies.

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