This song is the perfect jam for all us happily single people on Valentine’s Day

There’s no escaping the fact that today is Valentine’s Day, and for all those who are blissfully paired up and enjoying chocolate strawberries, that’s great! But not everyone is in that boat, and we’ve got an anthem from New Jersey dream pop band Lunch Ladies that harnesses all the emotions that might be currently running loose in your head.

Because while there’s nothing wrong with being single (in fact, there’s often a lot right with it), days like these — that aggressively promote couple life — are kinda stressful.

This track is from Lunch Ladies’ debut LP Down on Sunset Strip, and it’s called “Love is Overrated.”

We’re totally digging the relaxed vibe; it’s like a blanket of warm comfort food. It puts things into perspective, too — today is just one day of millions of days, and if you’re not feeling the romance, that’s pretty freaking normal.

Vocalist and bass player Cynthia Rittenbach opened up to HelloGiggles about the song and why she felt compelled to write it, and we feel her 100%.

"Love definitely isn't overrated. Love is very important, always, and especially in times like these. I wrote this song during a period where I didn't get other people's relationships and the drama that comes with it, and felt happy being on my own," she said.

via giphyWhatever your status happens to be on this Valentines Day, here’s our reminder that you can ABSOLUTELY celebrate while single (because self love, love of friends, and love of family are all LOVE). The best part? Non-romantic gifts can also be exchanged! YES oh YES they can.

It sounds super corny, but love is all around us in the friendships we hold near and dear, and that’s why it’s always worth grabbing a bestie and telling them how much they mean to you.

via giphyOr squeezing the life out of (not literally) your pet. Or just hanging with Netflix, because that never disappoints.

Happy Valentines Day. Happy Tuesday. Happy…day.