This Dr. Jart rubber mask, that looks like a baby, is coming to Sephora soon

If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by the desire to put on a mask that looks like a human baby, the world has heard your terrifying heart, because Dr. Jart’s new rubber mask looks like a prop from a stylish 1980s horror film featuring demon babies. So, whether the skincare outcome is good or bad, we have no doubt you’ll be haunted by the effects.

Even thought the brand new masks are reminiscent of the film Rosemary’s Baby, we have a feeling these skincare goodies will keep us glowing for the gods! They are single use masks available in four different variations: Yellow (Bright Lover), Pink (Firming Lover), Blue (Moist Lover), Grey (Clear Lover).

All four of the rubber baby masks boast different soothing facial benefits, released in variations of the same terrifying packaging.

Although this format might be ideal for people who love combining their skincare regime with their hobby of creeping out loved ones.

According to Trendmood, these four rubber masks will be available for purchase at Sephora soon (we’re not sure precisely when yet), but in the meantime, you can buy them off Amazon for $17.50 a pop.


The packaging here makes the mask look a little more Phantom of the Opera chic. We’re totally digging it!

What do YOU think of this mask? Are you ready to wear a baby on your face for the sake of beauty?

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