This $1 makeup retailer is the perfect place to fill up your cart without feeling guilty

It would be a lot easier to shop guilt-free if everything didn’t cost so much (and ethical labor laws were better enforced), but alas, here we are, scrambling in a world full of rapidly raising prices. Luckily for us (or unlucky if you’re saving your cash), the $1 makeup retailer Miss A exists to fulfill our makeup dreams and render our wallet only slightly more empty.

We’ve known for quite sometime that the online marketplace Miss A was the affordable beauty retailer out there to fulfill our lipstick wishes, while extending grace to our budgets.

Back in December, we found an Easter egg-shaped makeup cleaning brush on Miss A, and now, we’ve found a handful of equally cheap and desirable makeup items to add to our shopping cart.

So as a gift (or curse) to our readers, we have gathered 10 affordable makeup items you can scoop up from Miss A!

1AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipstick in OMG from Miss A, $1

2AOA Studio Wonder Blender Holder from Miss A, $1

3A20 Lab Facial Mask in Brightening from Miss A,$1

4Eyelashes 110 from Miss A, $1


5Kleancolor Eyelash Glue from Miss A, $1

6Celavi Matte Lipstick in Mars from Miss A, $1

7Celavi Lip Tint from Miss A, $1

85 Color Eyeshadow in Madrid from Miss A, $1

9Amuse Fine Liquid Eyeliner from Miss A, $1

10Santee Wine Bottle Matte Lip Gloss from Miss A, $1


May your cup runneth over with an abundance of $1 makeup options.

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