This dog leaves food in her bowl, and the reason will absolutely break your heart

This heartbreaking story of an extremely devoted animal has us suppressing an ugly cry, so have tissues handy: A sweet dog named Cookie leaves her food half uneaten. According to her human, she’s grown accustomed to sharing meals with her dearly departed doggie BFF Stitch and continues to hold up her end of the bargain even after his passing.

Actor and filmmaker Easton Dufur shared pics of his two yellow Labrador Retriever siblings in happier times on Twitter, explaining that since she was a little pup, Stitch trained Cookie to leave half her food for him. In Stitch’s absence, Dufur reduced the amount of food he gave Cookie. Before he went to bed, he checked on her and saw she had only eaten half of what he gave her.

The photos of Cookie’s half-empty dog bowl will turn you into the hugest, saddest sap ever.


This photo also perfectly illustrates why we wholeheartedly believe that dogs are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

Clearly, Cookie is missing her bestie, but we’re glad to see that they shared plenty of good times together. After making us bawl our faces off, Dufur shared snapshots of the pair of adorable pups that helped cheered us up. false

And just like that, we’re complete emotional wrecks all over again.

Since Dufur tweeted about Cookie and Stitch, Cookie’s devotion to her beloved bestie has touched the hearts of thousands of people, including ours. Cookie deserves all of the internet fame. false

Judging by her laid-back tail wagging, she’s either marginally excited or just happy to get a belly rub. Either way, she’s obviously a special pup, and Dufur is super lucky to be her human.