Make your Halloween majestic with this DIY unicorn hoodie

Let’s be real: There are not enough unicorn costumes in the world. Sometimes, you just have to be your own hero and make your own. This DIY unicorn hoodie is the perfect costume for anyone looking to get majestic this Halloween.

Who knew that old hoodie sitting in the bottom of your closet was actually waiting to be transformed into a magical, mystical costume? With one trip to the craft store for faux fur, felt, and some rainbow paint, you can hot glue your way to your true form. The best part is that, really, Halloween is just your first excuse to wear this fabulous look. We guarantee you’ll be rocking it for years to come.

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DIY Unicorn Hoodie


White smooth, stretchy fabric (spandex, nylon blends)
Acrylic paints
Permanent seam tape
Rainbow (or tie-dyed) string/cord
White felt
White stiff felt
Pink felt
Purple fur
Quick dry fabric glue
Hot glue


1. From the white stretchy fabric, cut out a cone shape a little larger than you want the finished horn to be. Tape the edges of the fabric onto your surface and paint the the fabric with diagonal stripes. You may want to do 2 coats to ensure the paint goes on evenly. Wait until dry.
2. Add a strip of seam tape along the edge of the horn. Peel of the backing and add the rainbow string where the red and orange paint colors meet. Fold the horn onto the tape.
3. Turn the horn right side out. Use a pin or tweezers to pull out the tip of the horn.
4. Stuff the horn generously with stuffing. Cut out a circle from the stiff white felt the size of the horn base. Glue the circle around the edges of the horn.
5. Cut out four ears (two per side) from the white felt. Cut out 2 1/2 inch shorter ears from the white stiff felt. Cut out inner ears from the pink felt. Glue the ear pieces together leaving 1/2 inch a the base glue-free.
6. Cut out two long strips of purple fur. Make a half circle in the middle of the strips to go around the horn.
7. Glue the horn to the center of the hoodie. Cut out a square piece of stiff felt with a circle in the middle as a horn stabilizer. Glue it around the horn. Part the base of the ear felt pieces, add glue, and stick them to the hoodie.
8. Glue the purple fur strips to the hoodie. Allow 1/4 inch of fur to wrap around the hood edge.

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