This “deodorant challenge” is the latest dangerous craze among kids

While some challenges are meant for good (ice bucket challenge, we’re looking at you) others can cause a lot more harm than intended. The latest trend is “the deodorant challenge,” which caused one mom an incredible amount of worry.

The challenge has left children accidentally burning their skin with aerosol deodorant. According to Sara Stanley, the mom who decided to voice her concern, kids are videotaping themselves pressing the can close enough to their skin to cause an awful reaction. We’re not sure who keeps thinking up these harmful “challenges,” but it definitely needs to stop.

Stanley’s daughter, 12-year-old Kaitlyn, reportedly gave it a shot because the effect “looks really cool.” But in reality, it left her with quite a few burn marks.


The pair decided to talk about the challenge on ITV’s This Morning, hopefully to spread the message that the challenge — which temporarily turns your skin white — isn’t worth the aftermath.

Stanley also shared a photo on Facebook that had people talking.

"Aerosol induced frostbite," one Facebook user noted. "I know someone who had to have skin graphs from doing this. Not pretty."

So, let this be a lesson. Attention-seeking trends like this definitely cause a lot more harm than good, and they might leave marks that you’ll be stuck with for quite some time. We’re so glad that the dangers are being made public before the scary act becomes more and more popular.

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