This dad interviewed his daughter on the first day of school for 12 years in a row

When you have kids, you become very familiar with the fact that they change and grow every day. That’s one of the reasons why we love this compilation video that a dad made of his daughter. Kevin Scruggs, a pastor from Seattle, now has two teenage girls — but has been interviewing them on their first day of school for the last 12 years. While it likely just took a few minutes back then, he now has an absolutely beautiful video compilation of his girls growing up. Best idea ever? You bet.

The video he released is of his daughter Mackenzie, and he created it just in time for her high school graduation.

We got chills — what an incredibly emotional gift.

(Plus, we can really relate to Mackenzie. Many of us were also looking for cute boys in 10th grade.)

As expected, the sweet video shortly went viral. Right now, it has well over a million views, and it was only uploaded days ago.

"Over a million people have watched my daughter grow up on the internet. It's surreal," Scruggs said to Upworthy.

The video made its debut during Mackenzie’s graduation party. Later on, he uploaded it to YouTube so he could share it with others.

"A lot of parents are doing their thing, living every day, interacting, being in their kids' lives. I hope [the video is] an encouragement to them to keep going," he continued. "It's worth it. Every single day is a gift with them."

So, hear that new parents? You might want to bust out your iPhones and start something similar. It’s a gift that’ll be appreciated for the rest of their lives.

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