This dad went the distance to bring a Disney character to life for his son

A single father in Memphis has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make sure his young son had the surprise of his life.

Brett Winek decided to transform his average car into an extraordinary one for his 3-year-old son, Holden, turning it into a real-life Lightning McQueen from the insanely popular Cars movies.

You remember McQueen, right? The 2006 one-of-a-kind race car, who goes the extra mile when his auto-pals are in jeopardy. He’s got a ton of ‘tude and, oh yes, eyes. Needless to say, he’s not your average car.

And neither is the IRL version, designed by Winek.  The devoted dad traveled all the way to Nashville in order to find Tennessee Tint, a company that makes custom car wraps. From there, Winek’s Mustang got the full treatment, complete with a fiery number 95 on its side. Unfortunately, those windshield eyes didn’t make the cut. Hey, Winek needs to drive the car, can you blame him?

All said, Winek spent about $1,200 on the car-sized decal that transformed his Mustang into Lightning McQueen, but making his son happy was well worth the cost and effort, he said.

“He lit up so much when we picked up the car,” Winek told Yahoo Parents. “He hopped around it and immediately wanted to jump in the driver’s seat!”

And Winek isn’t just going to keep his Disneyfied wheels for his son and himself – he said he has plans to take the new McQueen out to car shows so other kids can bask in the awesomeness. Nice work, dad!

(Image via Disney)


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