This Corgi and toddler are best best friends and we’re obsessed

Meet Ayako, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He’s two years old and lives in Japan with his bestie, who just so happens to be an adorable, tiny human.

Ayako doesn’t speak English, but he does use plenty of emojis to convey how he feels. So naturally, we understand him. Ayako is a patient and loyal dog who loves to have adventures with his human. They do everything together! Things that
both dogs and humans love. Things like enjoying snacktime together.

And playing with trucks.

Here they are taking a big ‘ol nap.  

And another one.

And again. Can you blame them? Being this cute is hard work.  

Kisses to being besties!

Ayako hasn’t achieved the Instagram fame of say, a dog like Toast or Marnie — yet. But we’re predicting big things for this Corgi/kid duo. Our hearts are definitely won over.

Featured image via Instagram