This “collage-a-day” Instagram account is about to become your new art obsession

If totally stunning and totally unique and cool artwork is your jam, get ready to fall for Helen Robertson, a recent graduate of Fine Art from Cambridge School of Art. The artist behind the “A Collage A Day” Instagram account, Robertson brings new collages regularly that inspire and often shift the way we think about the world.

Robertson’s goal is to “understand what makes an image “true” and believable,” and the London-based artist definitely pushes us to ask the same question of art. You’ll want to snag a whole bunch of Robertson’s prints to remind yourself that there is beauty in the world if you just look at things a little bit differently. We compiled a few of our faves to point you in the right direction.

This flower postcard

Um, we’ll take a dozen to send to our besties on dark days.

This super-cool geometric print

We feel a little edgier just looking at it.

This rad sketch

If only all of our office supplies were made of flowers.

This trippy print

Like, woah.

This stunning display

Seriously beautiful.

These smoke signals

Nothing but gorgeous, and really thought provoking.

This mouthy piece

So trendy, and so creative.

This colorful collage

Ugh, can I just wallpaper my entire house with prints of these?

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