This coffee-themed lipstick collection will pair perfectly with your Starbucks latte

Whether you are a double vanilla with non-fat or a triple espresso with a splash of almond milk, coffee lovers everywhere will love the new Coffee Shop lipstick collection from Coloured Raine. The Coffee Shop set comes with five nudes shades that will look amazing on every skin tone. This makes the collection the perfect addition to a makeup artist’s kit or a balanced personal vanity. The shades all have delicious names like Cappuccino, Pink Cafe, Latte, Frappe, and Mocha.

Coffee and lipstick, we’re in heaven!

Coloured Raine will be releasing their lipstick set on March 3rd, at 9 a.m. PT exclusively on their website for $75. This means each liquid lipstick comes out to $15 each. VIP subscribers will have early access to the set tomorrow, March 2nd.

The set of five matte liquid lipsticks is part of the many permanent items that Coloured Raine plans to launch this year. However, there is no word yet if each shade will sell individually, but with most liquid lipsticks costing around $20 each, $75 for the set is an affordable option!

We can’t wait to see what else Coloured Raine has in store for us! Their liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented, and we hope that they continue to expand their line of mattes, satins, and metallics. Head on over to their site come March 3rd to pick up some goodies.