This Cinderella-themed shoe collection for adults is straight outta our Disney dreams

“A dream is a wish your heart makes,” a wise man once said. And we’ve been wishing for a pair of Cinderella glass slippers for what seems like forever. Thanks to the masterminds behind the shoe brand, Irregular Choice, our dream of owning our own pair of glass slippers has come true and we’re freaking out. Complete with 15 different designs that would make the heart of any princess wannabe flutter, the Cinderella Collection is a sparkly, colorful masterpiece. Plus, these shoes won’t shatter into one million glass shards while you dance the night away! Phew!

The various Cinderella inspired designs appear on flats, heels, and wedges. The collection offers everything from glitter and bows, to Cinderella figurines encased in resin heels. We’re not kidding!

These “Call Me Cinders” wedges arrive to the Irregular Choice online shop on November 11th. We hope we don’t turn into a pumpkin before they arrive! We hate waiting! 


For those of you who can’t wait to get your feet into one of these pairs of shoes, why not take a peek at the “Sparkling Slipper.” This pair of heels is perfect to feed your glass slipper addiction. This style also comes in black or gold sparkles, and goes for $218.


If you’re looking for more casual Cinderella wear, Irregular Choice offers a few pairs of flats to meet your fancy. These “Ugly Sisters” flats for $160 are really getting us going. Drizella and Anastasia are our favorite gals that we love to hate.


And for those of us who love a good formal flat, this pair called “A Glittering Entrance” sold for $182 look like they are actually made of magic. We’re positive that the blue to silver ombre is only something a Fairy Godmother could create.


If you’re looking for a great pair of shoes to wear to your next ball, or to the office on a dull Monday morning, Irregular Choice has got you covered. Just be sure not to leave one of these bad boys behind during your mad dash home before midnight! Chances are whoever finds it, wouldn’t want to give it up!

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