This Chihuahua Will Make You Want To Stick With Your Resolutions

Is this the most heartwarming thing you’ve seen today, or is this the most heartwarming thing you’ve seen today? I don’t even really like chihuahuas all that much, but when I watched this video, my pupils grew to take over my welled-up eyes like a sad Bugs Bunny. But these weren’t the kind of tears that come from being tied to a tree by Elmer Fudd – These were the kind of tears that come from the happiness of watching a tiny animal overcome its disability with the help of an equally tiny wheelchair.

BeeBee the Chihuahua was born without shoulders and in the beginning of the video, she hops around in the grass like an overly-excited ferret.  If I were born without shoulders, I would have been a really ineffective angsty teenager. But BeeBee, ever the eternal optimist, never let her lack of frontal tendons get her down (pun halfway intended). She’d take to the hallways of the nursing home where her owner Denise works, and despite not being able to get very far (“The hall’s kind of slippery for walking on your wrists,” Denise says), that little Mexican engine that could continued to give licks and kisses “in trade for being snuggled” by residents. AWW. I’m a sucker for a snuggling dog. I would pretty much take a dog out for a nice steak dinner if I knew that’d make it snuggle with me afterwards.

So despite having no control over her front legs, BeeBee snuggled and slid down hallways and bounced in the grass, blissfully unaware of what was soon to come –  The ability to haul ass. Denise found three local students who took on the task of building a wheelchair for BeeBee that would allow her to roam the nursing home halls like never before. After baiting her with hotdogs for a short half hour (I like to think I could scale Everest after half an hour if baited with the right hotdogs), BeeBee was in full control over her wheels and likely tripled her daily snuggle intake.

If that doesn’t inspire you to get on a treadmill for 30 minutes, nothing will (It’s okay to finish that burrito first though. Resolutions don’t go into effect for me until next week). This dog is seriously special and should make us all strive to work harder, be better and refuse to wear a leash, damnit!

Photo courtesy of Jezebel