This cat is a gorgeous ’80s video bombshell and we are not worthy to view his beauty

Have you ever seen something on the internet and felt immediately grateful to be alive? This video of a cat’s fur blowing in the wind to the soundtrack of Cutting Crew’s “I Just Died in Your Arms,” will make you feel simultaneously giddy, thankful, nostalgic, and maybe inspired.

Together, we, as a human race, got to experience something known as the ’80s. Even if some of us weren’t alive then, we will always know the wonder, the gift, that is ’80s hair.




Not only that, but we now have a thing called YouTube, that compels some people to turn a blow dryer on their long-haired Persian cats and see what happens. And then they pair the result with one of the ’80s most lasting contributions to music, Cutting Crew…

And BEHOLD. We are all henceforth and forevermore better people. Thank you, random person with a camera and a long-haired cat and excellent taste. Thank you.