This cat eats ice cream, gets brain freeze, proceeds to be hilarious

We should start this story off by saying PLEASE do not feed your cat, like, a pint of ice cream, that will not be good for your little whiskered friend. That said, your feline friend can have a TINY spoonful of this dairy treat every once in a while, but if your furry pal does get a bite of dessert, please beware, they are not immune to brain freeze, as is evidenced by this video (via Foodbeast) of a cat chowing down on a spoonful of ice cream.

The best part of this vid is that the cat actually experiences the aforementioned brain freeze pretty early on in the ice cream eating process, but after letting out a “WTF” meow, the cat goes right back to eating the rest of the treat. We relate. When did a little brain freeze ever stop US from finishing our ice cream cones?

All the hilariousness below:

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