This camera prints gifs, which means the future is now

Photos have come a long way in such a short amount of time. Remember when we had to drop off a roll of film at CVS, and had to pick up the prints days later? These days, you can find a camera that prints gifs, which is something we never saw coming.

The camera was invented by Abhishek Singh, a designer and coder who modeled his camera off of a standard Polaroid model. Here’s how it works — it captures a brief activity, and then prints out a cartridge that’ll keep that memory alive and available in a tangible form. Pretty cool, if you ask us.

Singh is calling it the “Instagif NextStep,” and here it is in action.

For the technologically advanced, Singh even included instructions on how to build a similar camera yourself. So you might be the coolest person at the party if you gather your materials and get to work. Because who doesn’t love gifs? false

This camera can definitely be a game-changer. We’re already planning on new ways to decorate our apartments.

This isn’t the first time that Singh has created something so cool. Awhile back, he also re-imagined Super Mario Bros. as an augmented reality game. Yes — he actually dressed up like Mario and went around Central Park to make it all work. Watch and see for yourself.

You might want to keep an eye out for this guy. He’s slowly making the world a much cooler place, and we have a feeling he’s already dreaming up his next big project that’ll get people talking.