This cafe serves smoothies in lightbulbs, and we’re dying to try this food trend

Friends, get ready to fall in love. You know we’re into all things food trends, especially unique healthy food trends, so when we saw this amazing idea, we were seriously blown away. Because this cafe serves smoothies in lightbulbs! We’ve never wanted to try a new food trend more, friends.

Meet Darling Cafe, a seriously beautiful cafe based in Melbourne, Australia.

The shop is clearly adored for many reasons, but what most caught our eye were these INCREDIBLE smoothies. Why? Because they’re served in lightbulbs!

How totally adorable are these smoothies?!

Wanna convince us to be healthier? Try some healthy food in a lightbulb. We’re seriously feeling this.

We’re digging those bright colors swirling around. What a work of art!

We can only imagine the brunch selfies we’d take with our squad. How fun!

We’re talking selfies galore!

It’s one way to stand out at brunch, that’s for sure.

We’re for sure wondering if we could DIY these lightbulb smoothies. Here’s to this super fun food trend! We’re feeling so inspired.