This cafe sells unicorn toast that looks like actual unicorns

We’re not yet tired of food that’s based around mythical creatures. In fact, we’re intrigued when new items come to surface. The latest food trend making the rounds is unicorn toast, which is sold in a Malaysian cafe called Haraju-Cube. What sets this toast aside from the rest? Well, it’s not just colorful and Instagram-worthy — it actually looks like a unicorn.

According to Mashable, the creation is made with charcoal thick toast, a marshmallow meringue, and berry ice cream.

To make the horn (since, every unicorn creation needs a horn) an ice cream cone sits on top, with cotton candy exploding out of it. Talk about a sugar rush.

The cafe has officially named it “Unicorn-Berry Toast,” and it pairs well with a drink concoction they also offer called Magic-Potion, which is an ice cream smoothie. The one bummer? It’s a limited edition item, and will only be available at the cafe for just about one more week.

But, every cloud (of cotton candy) has a silver lining. Haraju-Cube has multiple other delicious concoctions that are definitely worth trying. And since the Unicorn-Berry Toast is incredibly popular (Mashable reports that they sell out every weekend) that just means that more wonderful and creative creations will likely make the rounds soon.