This café just released a full-on mermaid-inspired menu

It doesn’t matter how old you are — unicorns and mermaids will always be magical. That’s probably why the folks over at Crème and Sugar café unleashed a mermaid-inspired menu. The California café made headlines after introducing unicorn hot chocolate to the menu late last year, so they know that magical food items will always be a hit. (Especially if they taste good. And these items look like they taste pretty delicious.)

The reason why the world didn’t get to sample these mermaid cakes and drinks sooner? Well — it wasn’t the right season.

"I've been planning [these desserts] since back in the winter time, when I was doing the unicorn [menu items]. I thought I couldn't do mermaid until mermaid season," owner Joanna Czikalla said to Cosmopolitan.

We totally understand.

The new menu will include items like mermaid water, vanilla mermaid cake, and a glorious-looking shaved ice. In Czikalla’s eyes, the water includes ingredients that taste “like what you would want the ocean to taste like.” We’re sure that Ariel would be all about these crazy concoctions.

Speaking of Disney, Czikalla is all about themes. To help get psyched for the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, she had a temporary menu that could make anyone feel like a Disney princess.

The good news is, it looks like the unicorn menu is still available. This delicious photo was just posted on the café’s Instagram account yesterday.

We think it’s safe to say that we could very easily live at Crème and Sugar if they’d let us.

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