This burger includes fried chicken and ramen, and we have thoughts

We’ll always think of ramen fondly. It’s not just for college students, you know. In fact, one restaurant in Australia uses ramen as a coating for fried chicken in a very special chicken burger. The noodles, officially, are Mi Goreng noodles, manufactured in Indonesia — but they’re pretty similar. (As in, they often have a flavor packet, and can also be made in an instant.)

The fried chicken burger creation is from a place called Guilty — and we totally get the name. This lunch choice definitely incorporates so many delicious guilty pleasures. And to be honest, it’s making us want to book a flight out to Sydney, Australia ASAP.

We mean, just look at it.

Let’s check that out from a slightly different perspective.

And, here’s another one. Because we can.

Whoever is in charge of their social media account is right — it IS beautiful.

The burger in question also includes pickled carrots and wombok (which is a type of cabbage) along with fried shallots and chili sauce. But the most unbelievable part is that this beautiful burger is simply called the “Chicken Sandwich No. 3.” There are so many better names for something like this. Perhaps the chicken noodle burger?

Their other burgers are nothing to sneeze at. Here’s the “Chicken Sandwich No. 2.”

That one incorporates Twisties cheese snacks from Australia, along with slaw, bacon, jalapeños and a spicy lime aioli. And cheese. You can’t forget about the cheese.

Even if you’re not a fan of chicken, there’s still plenty of solid eats available for you at Guilty. For example, this:

…And now, we’re officially hungry.

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