This bride surprised her groom on their wedding day by wearing a T-rex costume to the altar, is our hero

People say that your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life, and we couldn’t agree more. And frequently, those receptions and ceremonies come with their own set of surprises. Now, let’s all bow down to this bride who gave her groom a surprise that he won’t forget anytime — she met him on their wedding day in a T-rex costume.

For Elizabeth Rex Hundley’s wedding to Tom Gardner, she knew that she wanted to make the event unforgettable for her husband. And while many brides take the occasion to maybe coordinate an unexpectedly complicated father-daughter dance, Elizabeth chose to do something that would stand out from the crowd (and she definitely succeeded there).

When she met Tom at the altar, she did so in a T-rex costume.

So why the T-rex costume in the first place? It was partially so that Elizabeth could get a priceless reaction from her groom, but also so that she could carry on the tradition of “something old” in an unexpected way.

As it turns out, Elizabeth’s mother’s maiden name was Rex, so by Elizabeth dressing up in the costume, it felt like she could carry that bit of personal history with her.

Tom was shocked by seeing his bride in an unusual costume, but fully accepted it — and greeted her with a genuine laugh. Now that’s true love!