This bra might help you recognize your stress levels

Ever think that your underwear could help your mental state? Now it can. (Or at least, one item in your drawer can.) A woman named Cindy Wu created a sports bra that can sense stress levels after her own battle with depression. After realizing that yoga alleviated some of her symptoms, she realized that exercise can do wonders as far as mental health is concerned. Thus! The bra was born.

She’s calling her creation Vitali, and it has sensors that help detect both heart rate and chest movements. And even better, it looks like a common, sporty sports bra. So those around you in class probably wouldn’t even blink an eye if you chose to wear it.

The bra is designed for all-day wear. When your HRV — or heart rate variability — gets low, the app sends you a message that encourages you to take a deep breath.


This way, you’ll be able to fight stress before it truly takes over. Since when you notice the signs of stress, it’s often too late.

The bra also helps your posture, since posture and stress are related. Who doesn’t need a little help with standing up straighter?

As of right now, Vitali comes in two colors, and can either fasten in the back or front. So, regardless of your personal bra-preference, it’ll be a win.


Vitali is currently running a Kickstarter campaign, with a goal of $50,000. Contributions can score you your own Vitali bra, which might just change the way you work out and view the day.

While we never thought we’d see the day when a “Smart Bra” would take over, we’re pretty happy about it. Who knew that a sports bra could make such a difference?

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