This boy is growing his hair out for such a sweet reason, and we are genuinely tearing up right now

2016 wasn’t the best year (by far), but there are still some bright spots left in the world.  Check out this amazing story about a Tampa Bay, Florida boy growing his hair out for a friend for all the right reasons. In a news segment on ABC Action News, 10-year-old Tyler Boone began growing his hair out two years ago in support of his friend, Gabby Ruiz, who is suffering from alopecia — a hair loss disorder — hoping his donated locks could be made into a wig for her through the nonprofit, Children with Hair Loss.

Is there any better reason to grow your hair out?

"I'm growing my hair to give to Gabby — I just want to make her happy," he says in the video.

Though little Tyler has been mistaken for a girl with those gloriously shiny 12-inch locks, he doesn’t mind, saying, “I’ve kind of gotten used to it.” Seriously, what an amazing kid!

Check it out in the video below (be warned: you may need the tissues)!

Once the hair was long enough and ready to go through the wig transformation process, Tyler reunited with Gabby so she could do the honors of snipping his long ponytail off. Afterwards, he received a 30-minute cut and shape — the first time in two years, leaving with a fresh new do — and it’s looking good!

If you aren’t a believer that 2016 held some good things, we suggest you watch this video. Not only does it remind us of all the hidden gems through all the world’s chaos, but it gives us hope that future generations totally have the right attitude: Help others whenever, and however you can. Thank you, Tyler, for being the change to kick off 2017!

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