This body positive blogger slammed photoshopping — and here’s why

By now, most of us know that photoshop can have a real impact on body image. Still, though, the practice remains alive and well. So we were really happy to see that Kenzie Brenna, a popular body positive Instagrammer, slammed photoshopping.

Being critical of photoshop is important, especially when you consider the continual rise of fitspiration accounts on Instagram and other platforms. After all, many viewers are literally looking for body goals, and the idea that these idealized bodies aren’t even real means that they’re encouraging people to look a way that doesn’t even exist.

In a recent post, Kenzie explained,

She continued, writing,

She explained,

It’s so, so important that a hugely admired icon like Kenzie slammed photoshopping. At the end of the day, it’s essential that we don’t forget the way that scrolling though fake image after fake image on Instagram can impact our sense of self and our confidence.

You go, lady. Thanks for all the continual inspo! Now this is what we want to see on Instagram.

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