This beloved Anastasia Beverly Hills highlighter is coming back for Black Friday and we couldn’t be more excited

Normally when we think of comebacks, we imagine a new installment of our favorite movie or the revival of a celebrity’s career. But this year one of our favorite highlighter palettes from Anastasia Beverly Hills will be making a comeback for Black Friday, and we’re very excited about this makeup news!

Whether we’re gazing lovingly at Anastasia Beverly Hills fall lipstick shades or transforming our faces into tiny suns with the Ultimate Glow Kit, the inventive range of makeup available at ABH Cosmetics is always at the top of our list.

So, what exactly are they bringing back for their limited edition Black Friday sale? According to a new post on their Instagram, we’ll be reunited with the beloved So Hollywood Illuminator highlighter. So we can start the new year exuding glamorous vitality.

Also, check out those purple mermaid nails.

This is the kind of comeback we can all work with.

It says the So Hollywood Illuminator will be revived on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website on Black Friday during the day, so make sure to check for it in the morning.

Most of the beauty brand’s illuminators are $28. So have your wallets ready!

If only all comebacks were as full of light as this one.

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