​ This beauty vlogger perfectly did a cut crease eyeshadow using a soda bottle​ ​cap

There seems to be no end to the ways beauty vloggers can outdo each other with innovative and creative ways to approach makeup — just when we think we’ve seen it all, someone else comes along and wows us with a brand new technique! Sometimes they make you want to slap your forehead like, duh, why didn’t I think of that? And other times, like when vlogger Juliana Leme used a soda bottle cap to create a cut crease eyeshadow, are totally out of left field.

How do people even come up with these ideas? Technically, yes, it’s pretty intuitive that you would find an object of a similar shape like a spoon or something, but a bottle cap is truly original!


Classic Coca-Cola — can’t go wrong with that!


We hope the bottle cap didn’t have a spiky bottom that poked her eye!


She applies a brown shadow right along the edge of the bottle cap for an absolutely perfect and even cut crease.


After that, she applies eyeshadow on her lids as one would normally.


Then, she uses the bottle top one more time to add depth with a darker shade in her crease.


Then, she goes on to continue the rest of her makeup routine: liner, lashes, and skin!




And voila! Her cut crease is dramatic and perfect, and it’s all thanks to a bottle cap! Who woulda thunk?


You can watch makeup video below, and see for yourselves how crazy, cool this beauty hack is!


Have you ever tried using an uncommon object to assist with your makeup before?

We love the idea of trying out different and unusual ways to get our makeup on, and this one really takes the cake! Would you try it next time you want a totally fierce cut crease? We gotta admit, we’re curious about trying it ourselves!

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