This beauty vlogger created an affordable DIY version of the wildly popular 24k gold mask

One of the most popular and expensive (non-invasive) beauty trends rumors a lineage as old as Cleopatra. It totally makes sense that gold masks average at least $300 at salons, which is the expendable income of a queen. In a recent attempt to test a more affordable option for her followers, the DIY beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai made her own version of the popular gold masks for under $20! The results, according to her experience, were less satisfying than hoped.

First off, she gathered supplies, which included 24k goldleaf sheets from Amazon ($10.99), and Rosehip seed oil from Amazon ($8 to $9), then she set to work testing out her creation.

She tested the mask two ways, once with just gold directly applied to her skin, and another time combining the oil with the gold.


She noted that applying the gold to her face (without it flaking off or flying away) was difficult either way, but nearly impossible without the rosehip oil.


Once fully applied, she let the mask sit for 30 minutes.

That way her skin could soak up all the rich, glowing gold goodness.


Once the mask was finished, she gently removed it with the assistance of more oil.


Unfortunately, while Dhukai admitted the experience of plastering was visually alluring and cool in concept, she said the after results didn’t show much difference.

She emphasized how difficult and frustrating the gold was to apply in the first place.


In closing, Dhukai said it would be wiser to save up for one of the expensive, pre-made gold masks.

Well, now we know!

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